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Carpet Cleaning and Windows Cleaning

Fences Painting

Fences can be an easy but elegant addition to any property. Save time working on a tedious task and let our professionals do all the work. Our professional painters will improve the look of your property making it stand out from the rest of the houses in your neighborhood.


Move-In and Move Out Cleaning

Cover Paint

Our professional cover Painting services help maintain the appearance of your cover, protecting it from damage and weather. Enjoy the outdoors on a deck that's ready to stand the test of time with CM Cruz Painting's cover Painting services.


Deep Cleaning and House Cleaning

Interior and Exterior Painting

Don't let aging walls detract from the value and appeal of your home. Bring your property to life and increase its value with our interior and exterior Painting services. Call our team of experts now and get a free estimate.


Pressure Washing

Floor Installation and Maintenance

If you are looking for an installation or maintenance service for your floor to help you improve the appearance of your home, CM Cruz Painting can help you make your ideas come true. Create a space with which you will fall in love and contact our team of professionals now.


Post-Construction Cleaning

Wallpaper Removal

Is there an old and outdated wallpaper in your home that you want to get rid of? CM Cruz Painting has you covered. Our team of professionals can help give any room in your home a new, fine and modern finish. Call now and don't forget to ask for your free quote!


Post-Construction Cleaning

Other services

• Textured Paint,

• Stain Paint,

• House Siding Paint,

• Cabinet Paint



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